Actual Testimonials

Lighting Under Cabinets

Lighting Under Cabinets - "We are very happy that we found Phantom Lighting products. As a custom home builder I am always looking for innovative products to set my homes apart from the competition. When you installed Phantom Strip Lights in my family room cabinets, it was like we had added a new room in our house. You transformed our standard bookcases into an impressive illuminated wall display. Rest assured that we will be recommending Phantom LED Strip Lighting to all our customers."
Larry Skelton

LED Lighting Under Cabinets

LED Lighting Under Cabinets - "The contractor just turned on our Phantom Shelf Lighting in our newly remodeled home office. WOW - What a difference your low voltage shelf lighting makes to the overall look of the room! It's so cool how we can adjust the shelves even after the lights were installed. Consider us one of your happy campers!"
Carol Brant

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting - "Thanks again for all your help deciphering which of your cabinet lighting products was right for my application! Your customer service department was above and beyond what I expected. It is the reason I went with your product instead of one of your competitors!"
June Reeder

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